Friday, August 11, 2006

Rememer what Michael Moore said: 
"There is no terrorist threat. There is no terrorist threat. Yes, there have been horrific acts, of terrorism and yes there will be horrific acts again. But that does not mean that there's some massive terrorist threat."



Honestly - the explanation given - that they are reselling the tracfones for an 18.00 profit sounds reasonably plausible. I'd need to see that they or a traceable set of associates were gathering bombmaking materials. 1000 bombs sounds like an awful lot of explosive devices. I'd be more nervous if they had 50.
Stupid question...

Who would buy a tracfone for double the price that they could pay for it at Wal-Mart?
Here's a comment from a Blogcritics discussion on the subject that I thought broke the money aspect down quite nicely...

"Posted By : Will
August 14, 2006
02:46 PM
This story is too funny. Does everyone realize the FBI, DOJ and Dept. of Homeland Security have DROPPED this! No longer interrogating, not investigating, not charging not taking immediate custody.

You got Jewish, Irish, African American, Korean kids doing the exact same thing -- buying tracfones in the massive numbers.

They are bought for $20 and sold for parts for $40 and it is legal.

Some of the above comments are idiotic. EG
1) removing the batteries proves they are terorists since you can make crystal meth with cell phone batteries (oops these are liIon batteries and you can't)

2) the phones will be used as detonators. oops not if the batteries are removed!

here is what they are doing and it is totally legal and lots of people do it with hardware that is sold at a loss in order to gain future service (minutes buys) and is worth more in parts

1) included phone card with minutes credit at current walmart promotion of 100 nationwide minutes that actually nets 360 after bonus and referals. legally fully transferable to existing tracfones, retail value fo $30 or more and easy to sell at street price of $25.

2) Battery on ebay $9 (current)

3) charger on ebay $3 (current)

4) phone shell to guys who sent them to china to harvest material, $2

The local authorities are on a witch hunt that gets obviouly more desperate every moment. first it is detonators, then it is meth (lol) the it is attacking a bridge by what throwing a hundreds of cell phones?

How about they are college kids who are capitalists? no ethically different from investors who buy comapanies ato break them up to sell of a profit.

Look at all the crap coming out that is confusing people:
Why did they throw away the chargers and batteries? How does that profit for either resale or detonation?

they didn't throw away the batteries they removed them and had them in a seperate box in there van. that shows they were not going to beus used for detonation, but most likly for resale. there are guys in ebay selling them in large lots.

Why did they get the 400 minute Tracfones when the ordinary 60 minute Tracfones are $20 everyday at Office depot? It would seem that 60 minutes is plenty for use as a detonator.

They got the 360 minute tracjones at wallmart last week -- just like a lot of other kids doing bulk buyuing.120 minutes on the card, 120 bonus, 120 referal.

Why would someone pay $38 for a Tracfone that's $20 at WalMart?

It is a total of $38.

Today I can go to a dozen walmarts and other box stores and buy hundreds of tracphones for cash and I am committing NO illigal act.

I can remove the cards which contain minutes that are legally transferable to any exisitng tracfone and sell them for $25 a peice easy.

The shell of the phone is not usable as a phone since it is now illegal to break trakfones special lock, but I won the phone outright and can sell it for material recovery (silver etc) for $2 or so to guys who send them to china.

I take the batteries and sell myself on ebay for $10 or to a wholesaler on ebay (there are many) who buys them for $8.

Ditto charger for a couple of bucks.

Look at this, people noticed that tracphone walmart deal about a week ago.


Like other huge pricing differentials the big opportunity for savings was also noted on boards such as slickdeals which is populated by people looking for deep discounts and who often buy in bulk to resell.

There seems to be a lot about this case that we don't know.
we do know the FBI has figured out these guys are legally hustling and is no longer involved and that says EVERYTHING we need to know."
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