Thursday, August 24, 2006

Recruiting going well ... 
Yeah, I've been blogging for a while that at least in my little corner of the army, things are going great.

In fact, I've got more youngsters wanting to join the unit than I have slots. We've been turning people away for some time. (I'd rather double slot them, because 1379 strength and foxhole strength are two different things, but it's not up to me).

At any rate, I had so many new soldiers joining the unit that the supply system had trouble keeping up with the demand for TA-50 (gear like sleeping bags, canteens, helmets, ponchos, and other basic issue items).

My recruiters have met their quotas, like, through December already.

So this isn't news to me.

These are great kids. Their eyes are open. They know they can and probably will be deployed at least once. They're being trained by great NCOs.

We have some problems on the maintenance side - and the Army does have a maddening tendency to overload unit training schedules with whacky "requirements" that crowd out meaningful training and tends to drive more senior leaders out. But recruiting woes were always mostly overstated.

...And you read it here first.

Splash, out


I just enlisted like two weeks ago, my first RSP is coming up in september (yeah, excitement).

And I have to say this blog, and a lot of other great milblogs greatly influenced that decision.

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