Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Mel Gibson, Remixed 
From Why Ads Suck:

I have always been a sort of vilde chaya and have had my fair share of tsuris in my life. But due to my blabberings as a total shickered putz, I have shown just how much of a mamzer I can actually be.

Due to a severe case of narishkeit, I behaved like a total schlemiel, and after the whole incident, "I was so angry, I thought I'd plotz!"."

Nu, Lese dich the whole schlemiel.

Splash, aus,


If only he'd said "Zionists and NeoCons" instead of "Jews" he'd be getting invited to speak at liberal think tanks, instead of being ostracized. Gotta use the new code, Stupid Mel Gibson...
I laughed. I cried. I thought.

Such is the life of goyim on the net.

I still thank Mr. Goldberg, whose son I worked with at Meier & Frank, for those warming words, "JL".

But thanks to all the mensch who helped guide me to adulthood. Thanks to them I'm tolerant, I give to charity, I listen to those I disagree with and I treat my employees like my family.

There's no greater gift than to learn to respect others. That was not a WASP gift. That was a Jewish gift.

Thank you.

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