Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lebanese Pieta: The lyin' bastards strike again 
UPDATE: The New York Times issues a correction.

Wow. What a beautiful picture.

The color. The composition. It's poignant, I tell you. No wonder the New York Times d

Kinda reminds me of Michelangelo, and shit. Knowwhatimean?

It's such a nice photo that I won't let it bother me that there's dust all over everything in the picture except the corpse. Well, there's dust all over his hands and feet, of course. But somehow there's no dust all over the rest of him.

I'm also not going to let it bother me that this same shirtless bloke, in the very same tattered cammie shorts and what appears to be a very similar hat to the one he's dangling daintily off his wrist in the first photo, also appears to be traipsing like a prancing zombie about the wreckage in a couple of other photos:

Well, on secon thought, I take it back. This photo doesn't remind me of Michelangelo and shit.

It just reminds me of shit.

Thank you, New York Times.

Hat tip: Ace.

I dunno. I'm actually partial to the shot of the Israeli "jet" that Hezbollah anti-aircraft missiles brought down mid-attack, which actually happens to be a tire fire at the Tyre dump.

Hey, you think Springfield of The Simpsons fame is actually Tyre? I mean, they both have enormous tire fires...
Nice summary here:

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