Monday, August 07, 2006

History shows again and again...GODZILLA! 
Hiroshima Remembers Atomic Attack.

The mayor has the gall to refer to the world's nuclear powers - you know, like the United States and the UK, whose soldiers were murdered by the thousands and bore unspeakably depraved tortures in Japanese prison camps, as "enamored of evil."

Fine. Just don't talk about Nanking and the wanton rape and murder of Manila. Don't talk about Korean, Chinese, and Philipina "comfort women."

And when you bring up the insulting lie that the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima was "the first WMD," just don't mention Unit 731.

Don't mention the fact that the evil visited upon the entire hemisphere by imperial Japan was so evil, so wicked, so genocidal and murderous in its scope and sadistic in its cruelty, that the free world was forced to consider the release of the awsome power of the atom as the lesser of the two evils.

Weep for and honor the innocent dead. But remember, Japan, that the atom bomb represents a Godzilla you yourselves unleashed.

My uncle was a China Marine assigned to the Legation at Tensing...he was captured with his unit (a company)on December Seventh 1941...he survived...with only a very few of his fellow POW's and others throughout the war, and the Japenese
started to behead the survivors after Hiroshima...they only abandonded the death camps after Nagasaki...these animals made the Nazi's treatment of POW's pale by comparison...just for kicks, check out the Bataan death march, "The Secret Camera" by Terry Kirk (USMC, POW), or John Dawes book about the Aussie POW's or the POW's that were sent to work for companies such as Mitsubishi as slaves.... By the way, Congress passed laws forbidding these POW's from being eligible for reparations from Japan....

Japan can kiss my posterior (and be thankful we didn't allow Curtis LeMay to make those islands glass)!

"F" 'em!
Without a doubt, more Japanese would have died if the war had continued (i.e. the atomic bombings saved Japanese lives by ending the war pronto). We didn't need WMD to kill large numbers of Japanese - we had fire raids, blockade, and invasion coming right up. Not that I expect the mayor of Hiroshima to say "hey thanks for nuking us", of course.

Not to mention that 60 years of Japanese peace and prosperity was based on the American security guarantee, and thus Japanese prosperity ultimately relied on (you guessed it) those evil evil American WMD.
I thought the "first WMD" were the mass chemical attacks used in the First World War.
Now that's a comment. Way to go, Jason. I'm with you. Wish I could say it as well as you.

Thanks, Subsunk. Reading it back, I'm giving myself bonus points for misspelling "awesome."

Actually, I posted this with a twinge of regret - no karmic imbalance was righted by the infliction of suffering on these poor people. And no individual woman or child in Hiroshima or Nagasaki, nor any individual in Tokyo or the many other cities firebombed by American bombers bears any guilt - only the scars.

I should have made it more clear that my objection is to the blinkered and imbalanced Japanese sense of history.

This is not one of my more Christian moments, this post.
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