Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Heh. Indeed.

Every time some leftist starts mouthing platitudes about supporting the troops, someone should smack ‘em hard right in the mouth and then explain, “I’m just supporting your right of free speech the same way you support the troops.”

No, I don't really agree with that. I understand the sentiment. But there have been some comments here lately that come uncomfortably close to the advocation of violence to me.

It's just politics, man. You can't take this stuff too personally.

Yeah, the moonbats on the left might. But that's their problem.

One of my closest friends grew up in West Belfast. Strong Sinn Fein guy and IRA sympathizer. Compares the Brits to Nazis. Also very pro Hezbollah. Got a couple of beers into him the other day and got him ranting. I got a good chuckle.

At least he's consistent. I encounter Brits who are strongly anti-IRA for being, you know, murdering terrorist bastards - and yet they're still pro-Hezbollah. I have a lot more respect for someone who's both pro Hezbo and pro-IRA than I have for someone who can't even grasp the contradiction.

Me, I think the IRA are a bunch of murderous thugs. Same with Hezbollah. ( I might have had some sympathy for their position if it were still 1920, but it's not.)

The only difference is Hezbollah uses terrorists to target Americans, while the IRA uses fundraisers.

Well, and I suppose I'll have to concede that the IRA doesn't want to annihilate the UK. Only push them out of Ulster.

Still, the more of them who meet an untimely end, the better.

At any rate, I can let my friend rant, take it in stride, and at the end of it, I still love the guy.

I understand the pro Hezbo sentiment from a Belfast Catholic. Everybody loves an underdog. Being pro Hezbollah is the geopolitical equivalent of rooting for the Cubs. I mean, every sports team has people who really, really hate them. But outside of some of the diehard White Sox fans, who really hates the Cubs?

The difference, of course, is that when the Cubs play the White Sox, they don't rig the bleachers with exploding seats. And they don't plant land mines on the warning track.

Tulg a mach,


Who hates the Cubs! We hate the Cubs!
Cardinal Fans hate the Cubs. The White Sox and Cardinals have something in common.

Honestly Jason, comparing the Cubs to Terrorists is going to make you even more one of my favorite bloggers. It's too bad you wussed out and qualified your comparison.
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