Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Actually argued in a U.S. courtroom 
Apparently, this is no shit:

The Jordan-based Arab Bank yesterday asked a federal judge in Brooklyn to dismiss a lawsuit brought by thousands of Israelis who claim the bank fueled terrorism by providing payments to the relatives of suicide bombers.

Lawyers for the bank said that the 4,000 foreign citizens who are plaintiffs should not be allowed to have their case heard in the American court system. They argued that terrorism against Israel does not violate any "international norm." Lawyers for the bank said that some 80 countries, most Islamic or African, do not consider Palestinian Arab suicide bombers to be terrorists.

Yep. That's the argument posited by attorney Kevin Walsh of LeBeof, Lamb, Greene, and MacRae.

And yes, they have the Eiffel Tower on their home page.

Splash, out


While their argument is assinine, I don't understand why Israelis are sueing Jordanians in our courts.
And I don't see what they hope to gain by doing so, other than being ignored by the MSM.

I mean, it's not like the bank is going to pay out any settlement based on a verdict from an American court.
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