Thursday, August 24, 2006

The 8th of November 

I'd heard about this somewhere else before, but I don't think I actually heard the whole song, and I definitely didn't see this video - very moving.
The path of honor and the right is hard. That's why relatively few choose it, and why many openly prefer instead to try to depict cowardice and choosing the easy way out of tough situations as an honorable choice. The anti-warriors with their "dissent is the highest form of patriotism" ranting aren't vociferous because they are trying to convince us they are right; they suspect they are completely wrong and are instead attempting to convince themselves they are right.

Thanks for posting that.
Where is the honor in sending people to die for nothing?
Anonymous, you idiot! The honor isn't in the sending. It's in the going.

I'm gonna suck a lungful of helium and sing along.
Why are all the asshats named "Anonymous"?

Wow for the song!

Semper Fi
I wish you had posted that last Friday, being the 40th anniversary of the battle of Long Tan and in Australia the day that we honour Vietnam veterans.
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