Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Why you shouldn't get financial advice from a magazine 
Don't bother with the article.

Read the comments.

Yes, they're largely written by annuity salespeople with a vested interest in the product. They're also right.

Ms. Brenner is clueless. She doesn't grasp the concept of annuities as a risk management tool (as opposed to an investment), and doesn't grasp that 401ks and 403bs are NOT "alternatives" to annuities. You can put an annuity within one! As a matter of fact, much if not most of the assets within 403bs especially are annuities.

Naturally, she's written for the New York Times.

Oh, and a couple of books.

More people ought to be buying annuities, not fewer!

What an embarrassment!

Splash, out


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