Monday, July 24, 2006

Western Civilization declines another notch 
...as we slowly deteriorate into a civilization of pussies...

...and idiots. Seriously. Are Canadians just this stupid?

I think you need to make a distinction between Canadian bureaucrats - who will twist the simpliest sensible task into a thousand different forms at the drop of a hat - and Canadians in general.

The Arar incident has made the bureacrats hypersensistive to trouble, so they are attempting, in their own non-sensical way, to cover their asses from any potential problems.
Unfortunately, many Canadians really are that stupid. Imagine being governed by the likes of the typical J-school for thirty years and you'd have a good idea of what Canada's bureaucracy has become.

But give us some credit, we tossed the bums out a year ago and have a Conservative government that has slowly started cleaning out these Augean stables. But lord, we have a lot of work to do.
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