Friday, July 14, 2006

The operational situation in Israel, Lebanon, and Gaza 
Don't miss this illuminating interview with Israeli Major General Doron Almog.

On monday, he was advocating a very measured, restrained response, designed not to weaken the credibility of moderates in Lebanon or their ability to govern.

That was then.

Here he is on Wednesday:

Hizbullah is seeking to seize upon the momentum gained by Hamas. It has opened a second front, and exploited an Israeli vulnerability. Negotiating with Hizbullah over the kidnapped soldiers, in the way we had begun to do with Hamas, would be a mistake. First and foremost, we have to strike a heavy blow, a very heavy blow, to Hizbullah - from the very top of its leadership, all the way down to the field, to the infrastructure, the force they've built up. There is no escaping our need to do this.

The other side needs to understand that we will not accept years of attrition, where they determine the nature of the war. If, in a week or two from now, Hizbullah is left with only 10 percent of its forces, it will understand that. It needs to be thrown completely off balance.

Definitely read the whole thing.

Yes, he knows the score, but he won't be making the big decisions unfortunatly.

Papa Ray
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