Sunday, July 23, 2006

"One Army, My Ass!!!" 
I hadn't thought this in a while. But I always thought the requirement that applicants for the Funded Legal Education Program be active duty army officers - reserve component officers, no matter how accomplished, need not apply - was absolutely obnoxious.

The fact that it's still a requirement seems like a hangover from the dark ages of active-reserve relations, which I thought we had gone a long way to repair in early 2004.

Apparently not.

Thanks, JAG Corps, for treating reserve officers like second class citizens.

Splash, out


Thanks, Congress, since the eligibility requirements for FLEP are statutory.
Yes, they are.

And there isn't anything in Title 10 that I could find that mandates that reserve component officers be excluded from consideration, provided they are O-3 and below, and have served at least two and not more than six years on active duty.

So where is the language excluding reservists and Guardsmen?
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