Monday, July 24, 2006

Kerry on Hezbollah: "This wouldn't have happened if I was president" 
That's the latest from the senior Senator from Massachussetts.

First of all, Senator, it's "if I were president."

Second of all, yes, I'm sure that Hezbollah had only started amassing an arsenal since you lost the election. And of course, the Katyusha rockets were really for skeet shooting. That's all they were for, until George Bush magically repurposed them to rain death down on Israeli cities. It's all about him, really, no?

Third, you say, at the end of the article, "we have to destroy Hezbollah."

But you also say "this" wouldn't be happening.

Well, how, exactly, do you think Hezbollah is going to be destroyed?

Is it because you and Howard Dean are going to join hands with the Code Pinkers and sing Kum Ba Ya?

What a twit.

Ummm....you just insulted twits everywhere....
Ted Kennedy is the senior Senator from Massachusetts (1962 - present).
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