Saturday, July 29, 2006

Jeff Jarvis on Proportionality - and a proposal for a lasting peace 
War is Hell, and you cannot refine it.
--William Tecumseh Sherman

Here's Buzzmachine's Jeff Jarvis:

With disproportionalism becoming the meme of choice in the discussion of the Israel/Hezbollah fight, it’s worth remembering these numbers (from Wikipedia):

* U.S. civilian deaths in World War II: 11,200
* UK civilian deaths in World War II: 67,800
* German civilian deaths in World War II: 1,840,000 (not including Holocaust genocide)
* Japanese civilian deaths in World War II: 600,000

And so what would the proportionalists have had us do? What is their argument? Should we have dragged the war and the suffering on longer because we were winning too quickly by killing too many, thus allowing more Jews to die in the Holocaust and more civilians to die by starvation and disease and more soldiers to die over time?
Should have stopped fighting when we were killing too many?

No. When attacked, one should stop fighting only when the attacker is flat on the ground, clutching his guts hanging out of his stomach, half-drowning in his own vomit, sobbing and begging for it to stop, his ability to resist crushed along with his will - to the extent he's left alive at all.

This is the only foundation from which one can reasonably expect a lasting peace in Isrebastine.

Worked pretty well on the Japanese, too.

See, the Left uses those statistics to "prove" their claim that the Allies waged WW2 "unjustly", particularly in the strategic bombing campaign.
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