Saturday, July 29, 2006

"Hezbollah doesn't hide among civilians" 
That's what Salon is publishing, in a story by U.S. News and World Report's Mitch Prothero,
who wins an honorable mention for the World's Dumbest Reporter Award:

Throughout this now 16-day-old war, Israeli planes high above civilian areas make decisions on what to bomb. They send huge bombs capable of killing things for hundreds of meters around their targets, and then blame the inevitable civilian deaths -- the Lebanese government says 600 civilians have been killed so far -- on "terrorists" who callously use the civilian infrastructure for protection.

But this claim is almost always false. My own reporting and that of other journalists reveals that in fact Hezbollah fighters -- as opposed to the much more numerous Hezbollah political members, and the vastly more numerous Hezbollah sympathizers -- avoid civilians. Much smarter and better trained than the PLO and Hamas fighters, they know that if they mingle with civilians, they will sooner or later be betrayed by collaborators -- as so many Palestinian militants have been.

Of course. That's why Hezbollah put its southern rocket command in a 12-story building in Tyre, and its headquarters in the basement of a highrise building in downtown Beirut. And pay no attention to the aerial footage that shows rocket launcher vehicles parked between houses in the middle of villages. (Check out the one at 1:10 in or so...)

other attacks seem gratuitous, fishing expeditions, or simply intended to punish anything and anyone even vaguely connected to Hezbollah. Lighthouses, grain elevators, milk factories, bridges in the north used by refugees, apartment buildings partially occupied by members of Hezbollah's political wing -- all have been reduced to rubble.

Wow! There go those crazy milk factories again!!! How dumb does this writer think we are?

And note this self-falsifying passage:

"You can be a member of Hezbollah your entire life and never see a military wing fighter with a weapon," a Lebanese military intelligence official, now retired, once told me.

Duh. That's because they're blending in with the population, you moron!

And here he is winning the Sergeant Schultz Award!

In three trips over the last week to the south, where I came near enough to the fighting to hear Israeli artillery, and not just airstrikes, I saw exactly no fighters.

I know naaaaahthink!!!!

Meanwhile, here's the BBC:

Inside a well-furnished apartment in a village on the outskirts of Tyre, with shelves of books piled from floor to ceiling, a black turbaned cleric and three men sit sipping bitter coffee. By the door is a pile of Kalashnikovs and ammunition boxes; handguns are tucked into the men's trousers. The four are Hizbullah fighters, waiting for the Israelis.

That's right. A pile of Kalashnikovs and ammunition. Handguns. Fighters. In an apartment. In a freaking village, asshole!

These people will lie, and lie, and lie again. They have no shame.

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your fill of shit,and much more
I'm daunted by the rhetorical brilliance of the previous commenter, but I shall try to press on.

I get that this guy is saying that there can't be terrorists in civilian areas because he didn't see any. Is he also saying there aren't any in the south, since he didn't see them there either?

Does this guy think Israel is making Hezbollah up?
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