Saturday, July 29, 2006

Free Willy 
Oh, no!

Not Willy Pete again!!

Says the reliable idiot, Director of Human Rights Watch:

"We are investigating but we haven't confirmed anything yet. We have seen phosphorus used before and we have seen it in the artillery stocks of the Israeli army in the north," said Peter Bouckaert, emergencies director at Human Rights Watch.

"Phosphorus shells do have a legitimate use in illuminating the battlefield at night. The offensive use of phosphorus would be a violation of international conventions."

No it wouldn't, you lying weasel.

(Not that I think much better of the overly credulous reporter who didn't bother running down something too good to check.)

"We are seeing abnormal burns, different from wars we've seen in the past. The corpses of these victims are shrinking to half their normal size. You think it is the corpse of a child at first but it turns out to be a grown man," said Raed Salman Zeinedine, director of Tyre Government Hospital.

Oh, please. The same thing happens when I leave the bacon on the pan too long. What an idiot. But I guess that would be a foreign simile for observant Muslims and Jews.


Cham said the bodies of some victims were "black as shoes, so they are definitely using chemical weapons. They are all black but their hair and skin is intact so they are not really burnt. It is something else."

"If you burnt someone with petrol their hair would burn and their skin would burn down to the bone. The Israelis are 100 per cent using chemical weapons."

Geez. Reporters will believe anything you tell them. By those standard, I guess Janet Reno must have used chemical weapons against the Branch Davidian compound in Waco. (Note the hair in the image.)

Oh, and it certainly doesn't take a chemical burn to turn someone as black as shoes. This guy got it in a car wreck. (Warning: Graphic image. )

All we have here is further evidence of Hezbollah's skillful manipulation of a gullible and credulous media.

Splash, out


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