Monday, July 10, 2006

Europeans will excuse anything 
So French World Cup Team Captain Zinedine Zidane walks up to an Italian player and, in front of over 100,000 spectators, launches an unprovoked and vicious physical attack on him...

And wins the "best player" award from journalists covering the event.

Sorry, but this isn't the first assault that Zidane has committed on the field.

He's not the best soccer player in the tournament. He's an embarrassment to the game.

Sounds like Euro-fecklessness to me. They must have suspected the Italian player was Jewish, or something.

Congratulations to the terrific and gutsy Italian team.

Splash, out



Looks like once again you have found a fine excuse to do some Euro bashing.

- Zidane's assault is inexcusable, but hardly unprovoked. Everyone who has actually followed the game knows that. He was (and rightly so) shown the red card and he had to leave the field during one of the most important games of his life.

- Most ballots were cast before the game. And the votes were cast from an international panel of journalists not only from Europeans. The FIFA is an international organisation.

I do not condone Zidane's behaviour. I have seen the entire game and was as shocked as everyone else who followed the competition. But I am just as shocked about your "Jewish" comment and about your pejorative remark about an entire continent.
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Oh yeah? Just because one European is an asshole every European is one?

Thanks a lot!!!!!!

You know, I am European and I am a Soldiers Angel who officially adopted four American Soldiers and one British Soldier and who is a DJ of HOOAH!!!! Radio and you dare to put out the "Jewish" thingy? Why don't you call Europeans Nazi? It makes it a lot easier!

I support the Americans because I believe in what they do and do not bash them just because there are Soldiers that murdered, tortured, slaughtered, raped and massacred people in Iraq.

Because it ain't right! Just because one is a freakin asshole, not everybody is one!

Oh, and I won't think of Americans bad, just because you called us Europeans names, it doesn't mean that every single American is like you!


Have a nice day
Tanker Angel Nelly
is there any doubt his loser is not an anti-Semite?

he actually used the word, Hymietown
I read Hymietown for many times but I never understood what it stands for. Manhattan was called "Hymietown" as well as Janet Jackson.. so what does this word mean?
since you are European, it's a mild ethnic slur.
click on h after going to this link

it was Jesse Jackson, not Janet
For some reason, the old English saying that "Football is a game for gentlemen played by hooligans" comes to mind.
If you didn't catch the meaning of the term "Hymietown" in context over at Press Think, the term was originally used by Jesse Jackson back in the 1980s, to describe NYC.

My use was ironic, and intended to dig at antisemitic tendencies on the Left.

Originally, I was going to use the term "Jesusland," which is an ironic reference to anti-Christian bigotry on the left. But it's more fun and productive to pit leftie against leftie than rightie against leftie.

Judging from what's happening over in Kosland, the left is starting to splinter.

Which they desperately need to do, for the sake of the Democratic Party - my home before it got taken over by barking moonbats body-snatchers.

Real Democrats need to take back their party.

You might want to read up on European football before you go slinging these kinds of definitive statements around.

The Azzurri and their fans are notoriously racist to the core. These are people who throw bananas and make monkey noises at black players on their OWN teams and opponents. They wave banners with swastikas and honor Arkan.

Materazzi is hardly an innocent felled by a vicious attack from an evil Frenchman. Frankly, I'm pissed Zizou lost his temper and probably lost the cup. BUT, I'm stunned that the entire world has completely excused the disgusting behavior of Materazzi and Italian footballers in general.

This is 2006 for cripes sake.

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