Monday, July 31, 2006

The craic is grand 

So I get all set to go visit my Mom in Salem, Oregon, and my car, which I just spent 600 bucks repairing on Saturday, breaks down on the way to the airport. The cost of moving my flight back a couple of days is more than twice what it would cost to simply reschedule the whole thing, so I eat the whole cost of the trip this time round. And it's gonna cost me over $400 additional to fix it.

On top of that, a personal finance magazine, ironically enough, bounced its check to me for my fee.

On the bright side, the McDonald's next to the car repair shop has WiFi and blasts Deep Purple and Cream tracks over the speakers. And I went to a traditional Irish session in Naples yesterday with friends and we played tunes for 2 and a half hours - - after the normal quitting time.

The craic is grand indeed.

Splash, out

Jason, so your mom lives in Salem huh? When you CAN get out here, please contact me and I will be honored to buy you a beverage (or three) of your choice. Also, if you would like to do some playing while you are in the area, that could probably be arranged as well.
Jason, the craic was grand. Some of the best I've had in a while. Really appreciate the good tunes. JB
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