Saturday, July 01, 2006

Al Qaeda: They're really not such a big deal, right? 
Cori Dauber eviscerates that notion - and tears apart Newsweek's Michael Hirsh in the process.

For years there's been a conflict between those who would frame our current situation as a "war" and those who would frame it as something less. I've written many times about efforts in the media to downplay the threat posed by global terrorism, and the way the media seeks to avoid the war frame.

Yesterday, however, via Memeorandum, I found a Newsweek piece that went further than any I've seen from a major publication, explicitly arguing that we ourselves created the idea of a threat from al Queda, that it's all a myth, that they're the gang that couldn't bomb straight.

I'm not inclined to believe a writer who either doesn't have basic facts straight or is shading them from the beginning:

Read the whole thing. Dauber is so far ahead of Hirsh it puts him to shame.

Newsweek - the people who brought you the Koran Flushing fiasco, ought to be doing better than this.

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