Tuesday, June 27, 2006

What on earth does it take? 
From the Rocky Mountain News:

University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill stole the work of others, twisted facts to bolster his own theories and repeatedly violated the most basic standards of scholarly research, the committee assigned to investigate him wrote in a stinging report made public Tuesday.

One of the five committee members recommended Churchill be fired. Two said he should be suspended without pay for two years; the two others recommended a five- year suspension without pay.

What on earth does it take to convince these knuckleheads that this jerk needs to be fired outright?

The UC is an institution of higher learning, not a lifetime entitlement program for its faculty. If he's that bad, why not hire someone else permanently?

Remember Co. is the state that instead of going after the child molestor's simply lowered the age of legal marriage so that child molestor's are legal.
Is Churchill the "little Eichmann" guy?
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