Wednesday, June 21, 2006

On Andrew Sullivan 
Our side abides by the rules of the Geneva and Hague Conventions; Their side makes a stated war aim out of their gross and egregious violations.

Our war crimes are rigorously prosecuted consistent with the rights of the accused to due process of law; their war crimes are chronicled on their propaganda sites as the sentence of an Islamic kangaroo court, as if their foul thuggery and nihilistic bloodlust of even their kangaroo courts bore any relation whatsoever to the tradition of Sharia law.

Our prisoners gain weight in captivity and receive modern health care; Their prisoners are treated with a power drill.

Our soldiers put themselves at great personal risk in order to protect the lives of women and children; their soldiers abduct them and use them as human shields.

Our side builds schools; their side mows down Beslan's schoolchildren like summer wheat.

Our side respects the elderly; their side sets off suicide bombs in old-age homes.

Our side shares soda pops with children; their side sets off bombs at ice cream parlors and soda stores.

Our side trains police officers; their side abducts and murders them.

Our transgressions are the exceptions; theirs are their baseline.

Andrew Sullivan - a man I once admired, and who is more than anyone else responsible for me entering blogging - is now writing that the difference between our side and theirs is not one of kind, but only of degree. Shame on him. This war cannot be tracked or explained on the basis of political points. The moojies kidnapped and murdered laundresses and schoolteachers and riddled civilians with bullets and slaughtered new police graduates long, long before the Abu Ghraib story broke. Abu Ghraib does not in ANY way explain or mitigate what Al Qaeda did to our two abducted soldiers. That Sullivan even tries to do so evinces a moral dysfunction bordering on degeneracy. What Al Qaeda did is an evil in and of itself, and entirely self-contained.

Maybe if the captured soldiers were a married gay couple, Sullivan would just be capable of cutting our troops an even break. But I doubt it even then. I don't think Sullivan could muster a full-throated condemnation of the sadistic vermin who did this unless they first converted to Christianity and enrolled in Bob Jones university.

May they die gut-shot in a filthy alley, tormented by stray dogs gnawing on their entrails, wondering what the Ace of Spades playing card signifies to the US troops that dropped them there.

Unfortunately, that probably won't happen. Our troops are required to provide these jackals with medical care equivalent to that provided to our own brave soldiers. And our professional officers and NCOs will probably see that they get it. More, they won't have to issue the order, because our medics and corpsmen will not need to be told. They will jump to saving the life that's in front of them without orders - yet another illuminating difference between our side and theirs. And one Sullivan, his moral sense so twisted and dulled by the shelter of his life, seems to be unable to grasp.

Splash, out


Thanks for voicing a long-time concern of mine so succinctly, Jason. I, too, have been reading The Daily Dish for years and have watched with distinct dismay as Sullivan dropped over the edge last year. What his tipping point may have been is unclear, but there was a definite point where he started sliding KOS-ward. Pod person, perhaps? Who knows?
Zarqawi died on a stretcher, being taken to medical aid.

That says everything anyone needs to know on this subject.
I wish I could force every person who still respects Sullivan to read this post. Best I can do is point people to it. Thanks for saying it.
Sadness in my soul,
When death takes a hand by the thugees, it always seems that it's the USA that's a fault. God Bless all their souls those Americans/Iraq's and others that so other can live live in Freedom!

Sullivan, is the worst kind of clown in this time of war. I ask him! Have you no shame? Have you no honor? I guess not and since you have noted your sexual way, if the terror dogs have their way, your head is sitting on your belly. I guess that doesn't worry you. The thugees were wipe out in vicious actions with the Brits in the 1800's. They also like to cut off heads,take hostages,group killings, nice things like that. Check out Kipling.
Be careful for what you wish for, most times you get it.



Get ready to get bend over to look for the soap cause your "buddies" on the other side like it.

Mike S.
Amen, Jason, well put.
I have been calling people like Andrew Sullivan "morally retarded".
Jason, thank you so much. I hope he reads this and it registers with him just how low he has sunk.
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