Tuesday, June 27, 2006

More media cluelessness... 
According to the dipshits at the Virginia-Pilot,

This vehicle is a Humvee.

How long have we been at war now?

How many stories have been written about Humvees?

Don't we have an entire brigade's worth of Strykers in and out of the news already?

Are the editors of this Virginian daily even serious about covering the war?

Editors, when will you stop making asses of yourself and hire a few veterans into the newsroom?

Splash, out


(Thanks to Chuck Allen ) for sending this along.

UPDATE: It wasn't just the Virginia Pilot. It appears to be an AP error, as the same caption and photo appears here and here.

Since captions are normally written by the local copydesk, I had given the AP the benefit of the doubt. Obviously they didn't deserve it.

Don't blame the Virginia-Pilot. Apparently that was an AP error:



Who the heck is the military editor at the AP?
The third Stryker brigade rotation in Iraq is nearly at an end, and the fourth Stryker Brigade, 3/2 ID (SBCT) is weeks away from their second deployment to Iraq. Not to mention all the press that the Stryker received in 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003 prior to the deployment of the first Stryker brigade to Iraq.

Good job AP!
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