Thursday, June 29, 2006

Meanwhile, over at PressThink 
Just to roil the waters a bit, I cited a column illustrating the inability of a secular-left media to understand and report on the religious community. In a nutshell, the column cited a failure of a reporter to comprehend an evangelical reference to the common term "slain in the Spirit," and mistook a desire for the members of Congress to be "slain" as a wish for their violent demise.

Just for a lark, I challenged the Press Think commenters with the following question:

If I said I was "convicted," would you know what I was talking about?" (Hyperlink not in original)

Hilarity ensues.

And ensues some more.

My response is here.

Splash, out


"If coverage sucks, adding more sucky coverage from sucky reporters just sucks that much more."

Like Homer said: "They're the suckiest bunch of sucks whoever sucked."

Dude, you are having way too much fun over there.
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