Thursday, June 22, 2006

500 Chemical Weapons Found in Iraq 
So says a recently declassified report.

Contrast this with Counterbias:

"There were no WMDs in Iraq. None."

Of course, that was written after we had at least two recorded incidents of chemical IEDs around Baghdad in the spring/summer of 2004. So this guy was demonstrably stupid when he wrote it.

More later.

Splash, out


Rep. Harman's statement about chemical weapons being no dangerous than what is stored under a household sink was ridiculous. I work at an army base as a plant engineer at a facility which just completed destroying mustard agent. Our people wore expensive, disposable, uncomfortable, inflated suits to protect themselves from 60+ year’s old mustard agent. We have spent hundreds of million of dollars over the last 3 years to dispose of American pre-WWII mustard agent but based on an MSNBC report and from what she said today it was obviously wasted money since the mustard agent was old and degraded. And there are other projects gearing up to dispose of mustard agent and other old chemical weapons, so more money could be saved by stopping these projects. Also our silly congress has mandated that this material can not be transported outside of the military bases where they are stored. Disposal, especially in a non-centralized faculty, is obviously a total waste of money. Degraded mustard agent dangerous? Another one of those Bush lies? Wrong! I wrote and told her that she has no shame. She of all Democrats should know the truth about chemical weapons being on the intelligence committee. Obviously she doesn’t want to discuss the incident where a military disposal unit crew member was severely burned by a French WWII mortar shell filled with mustard agent found in dredged sea bed material in Dover, DE last year. The soldier would, I’m sure, take comfort from her statement today
Not to mention there are parts of WWI battlefields in France that are off limits to visitors because blister agents still reside in the soil. Back in the 1990s a couple snuck off and made love in an old entrenchment. They both ended up with severe blisters and chemical burns.
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