Friday, May 12, 2006

More rank ingnorance at the New York Times 
From Thursday's New York Times:

The caption: Maria Gomez tried to find comfort on an Army officer's shoulder Wednesday in a church in Corona, Queens, during the funeral for her son. Sgt. Jose Gomez, 23, was killed on April 20 by a roadside bomb in Iraq. Behind her was Sergeant Gomez's stepfather, Felix Jimenez, and Marie Canario, the soldier's fiancée.

Editors, when are you going to get some veterans in the newsroom so you don't embarrass yourselves like this?

Splash, out


I've never served in any armed forces, but even I know she's a non-com. I can't tell the difference between marines and soldiers though.
Thanks for your service. Thats not just some non com, look at where she has been and what she has done. The military certainly has changed since firebase Mary Ann.

Unrelated topic: What do you think about sending the National Gaurd to the southern border?

Three errors corrected for one story, a pretty bad average.

I suppose it's a matter of style, but why in the correction so they say she WAS a sargeant. Wouldn't present tense be more appropriate?
Only the liberals think a liberal is smart. The rest of the world knows they are at best, stupid or mildly retarded.
Only a fool would pay money to read the NYT/LAT or any paper printed by Media General.
I was in the doctor's office on Monday, and glanced through a Newsweek from March that had a brief article on the Joint Strike Fighter. Above the article was a big colorful picture of an F-16. Oy.
We've been at war for over four years. Why is it that the people covering it STILL don't know basic things about the military?
It gets worse. I didn't bother to read the piece, but the Times issued a correction today.

Turns out that the medal SGT Gomez was presented with was a Purple Heart, not a Purple Star.

Go figure.
Matthew it isn't hard to tell the diffence between soldiers and marines as you think.The uniforms are different for one thing.Marines where dress blues,and you will see the eagle,globe,and anchor on their uniforms,the Army's insignia is different I forgot what their insignia is though,dad was a Marine so it was easier for me.Jason you are right it is time for the lefists at the NTY's to stop pretending to know things they don't know,and they really need to change if that paper is gonna survive,it has a terrible circulation rate,and these idiots don't even realize that this paper is like the Titanic.Anon,you are also rihgt,only liberals think liberals are smart,we all know form past experiences that they are brainless twerps!
Yeah, I had to jump on our local paper a couple of weeks ago when they ran a picture of local recruiters. One of the young men was described as a Private Second Class. I think what they meant was a PVT E-2.

I asked them if they had any veterans working in the newsroom and they told me "No", so I asked them "why not"?

Didn't get an answer for that one.

But they are supportive of our troops and willing to listen to criticism. I clued them in to myself and other retired military in the area that would be more than happy to answer any questions or proof any stories that they would ask us to, and if we've been out too long to give them a good answer, we can find them someone more current.
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