Wednesday, May 24, 2006

More European cowardice 
I guess I just have to look at every German and Italian citizen in the world as a self-propelled certified check for at least $2.5 million dollars. And France, having paid $25 million, is the biggest betrayer of all of them.

I certainly can't look at their governments as trustworthy. But at least we knew that about the collaborative Vichy regime currently occupying the halls of power in Paris.

I'll also look at every IED that goes off as having a stamp on it that says "paid for by the people of France, Germany and Italy."

Splash, out


(Via the Ranting One)

Reminds me of a quick scene in the new United Flt93 movie, where the sole European suggests they try negotiating with the hijackers.
it is a well known story : "blah, blah,... blammm !"
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