Saturday, May 06, 2006

I guess Zarqawi's way of pulling out of Iraq is by zooming in on Baghdad.

So, if you're running out of foreign fighters and you concentrate them where the few you have left will get the most bang for the "image war" buck, that's different than pulling out?
They need to re-issue the Zarqawi video with an appropriately comical soundtrack - equivalent to the Benny Hill theme music (which unfortunately Ali Sixpack al jazeera watcher wouldn't understand).
Re: Times article - Mr. Zarqawi? MISTER? My dictionary says “a conventional title of respect for a man, prefixed to the name and to certain official designations (usually written as the abbreviation.” Do we ever speak of Mr. Hitler? The only respect that guy deserves is that he can gather a bunch of thugs and killers to murder innocents at his calling while hiding out in some hole. Mister my ass. This writer is exposing clearly where his loyalty lies.
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