Thursday, May 18, 2006

Durbin stands by comparison of US troops to Nazis, Khmer Rouge 
And his fecrical reasoning is broadcast on Al Jazeera, no less - where it will provide another bullet in the belt of rhetorical ammunition our enemies will use to butress the case against us in the Arab world.

"Look - even some of the Great Satan's own senators think their troops are Nazis!"


Is treason a crime in a time of war? With troops in Harms way? If so, does anyone in Congress denouce these guys to bring them down to the lowest level to media....Just Asking cause I know that Marines are baby killers...ask Chris Screwball @ msnbc
I, former Marine & Fool..John Murtha (HOUSE REP/PA/AKA CURLEY (3 STOOGES)
Does anyone know of House Rep John Mutha (Marines are BABY KILLERS!) time in Vietnam? He sure does but my guess is that he was in the back lines. The proof is in the pudding. Please post.


John Kerry
Being against a war is one thing. That I can sortof understand. But the minute you start disrespecting and bad mouthing our troops, well then shame on you and then some, especially when you are in a position of power and authority! How can people/countries around the world respect what our troops are doing when we can't respect them ourselves? I just hope our troops know how much they are admired - they are doing a great job!
When will people remember (especially those in politics) that our troops didn't make the choice to go to war and that they are just doing their job. The politicians are the ones who put us there and then turn around and show a disrespectful lack of support for our military. These men and women long to come home to their family but have the resolve to finish the job they have begun in Iraq - I support them too!
Has there been any documented proof of abuse and mistreatment at Gitmo, or is it just supposition and second hand reporting that leads to such inflammatory and disrespectful commentary? I'll grant that by the grace of this great nation our Senators have the right to whatever opinion or belief they want, but it reflects poorly on him (and sadly, on those of us who voted for people like him) that he has such a short-sighted view of the world that he would make such accusations and comparisons without firm and concrete proof.

Sometimes people break the rules or violate someone's rights, and when that happens they need to be punished, but it is wrong to malign an entire unit, military installation, or brach of the service for abuses that may or may not have been perpetrated by a misguided few.
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