Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Yom HaShoah 

Today is Yom HaShoah ... Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Atlas Shrugs has a lot to say about it. I'm afraid I can't find the words. I'm posting some images instead, and maybe something will come to me as I go through them.

I never knew the backstory to this well-known photograph. But it's haunted me ever since I was very small.

One thing I've noticed over the years is that the casual Holocaust historian - people who see a few movies, or perhaps have read Elie Wiesel, have really been sheltered from the enormity of the Nazi crimes. For example, this image only hints at the huge amount of sexual violence perpetrated upon women and girls during the Holocaust. Most people don't have a clue - not only were Holocaust victims dehumanized and slaughtered. That wasn't enough. The Nazis actually recruited gangs of sexual predators - known rapists and sadists doing jail time in Germany and elsewhere - to terrorize the inhabitants of the Warsaw Ghetto, for instance.

They were not just industrialized murderers. They were also sadists of the most inhuman kind.

This is an artist's impressionist rendering of Bergen-Belsen, the concentration camp where Anne Frank perished, most probably of typhus. The end came for her just days after her beloved sister, Margot, passed away, also from typhus. Had Anne lived just another few weeks she would have been liberated, though many died even after liberation.

The sign on this painting is difficult to read - but it likely is identical to the title of this watercolor: Haben Sie Meinen Bruder Gesehen? (Have you seen my brother?)

This image needs no explanation.

I wish I could say that this painting, entitled "Two Women," was an artist's exaggeration.

It isn't.

Of all the photographs of the Holocaust I've seen, this one is one of the most personal and iconic:

The woman, whose face is not visible, is everywoman. Her child everychild. I hope the child was too young to fully understand what was about to happen. Somehow I doubt it. But to the very end, this mother has her body between the rifles and her child.

So that's why I went to war willingly. To quote one of our founding fathers, I have sworn eternal enmity against every form of tyrrany over the mind of man.

And when our leaders pay lip service to "never again," they'd better mean it.


Ok Wait a minute, According to the MSM and Democrat hero's this never happened.
Iran's president said it was a hoax.
The muslim brigade in New York said it hasn't happened YET
so are we to believe that this is real?
Sarcasm off

Very good timing on this post. People should have to see this to understand we are fighting a similar evil at this very minute.
Never again? Genocide and similar looking ethno-political mass murder happens all over the globe in less ambitious, smaller scale (Rwanda, North Korea, Cuba) and much more ambitious larger scale (Red China, Soviet Union) and as a nation and Western European culture we choose not to look. Mass murder on an industrial scale happens all the time, we wash our hands of it, and it disgusts me. Moreover, when our nation has a chance to do something about the mass murderers, we generally flinch at the sacrifices required, and after a brief period of good intentions decide that we cannot cut and run quickly or cravenly enough.

Never again is a phrase we in the West repeat to make ourselves feel good. Even as to the original object of that sentiment, the Jewish people, if one could gauge our true belief as a culture, it is probably something like "never again... unless preventing genocide would involve substantial long term investment of blood and treasure. In which case what we really meant was 'never again as long as the Israelis and the rest of the diaspora are okay with going it on their own.' But they'd better play nicey-nice, because we're watching..."

Never again, my fat white @ss. Nice sentiment, not very well implemented.
I did not know it was Holocaust Remembrance Day. Since my father was stationed in Germany several times while I was growing up, when I was older, we had the opportunity to visit Dachau. I don't think I will ever forget that experience. The Nazis killed more than just Jews. They killed also Catholics, homosexuals - anyone they viewed as being less than human. It's like you could still smell the gas in the death chambers 40 years later....
"And when our leaders pay lip service to 'never again,' they'd better mean it." - Amen Brother!
Thanks for the wake-up call. Those of you who choose to fight are truly men among men. Even so, there are many soldier's moms out there who still would step between their "child" and a bullet, no matter how big and brave they are. Well done.
"But to the very end, this mother has her body between the rifles and her child.

So that's why I went to war willingly. To quote one of our founding fathers, I have sworn eternal enmity against every form of tyrrany over the mind of man."

A horrible tragedy is what this women and child went through. However, the man with the gun also went to war willingly.

I also have sworn eternal enmity against every form of tyranny, and war is the biggest tyranny, and the biggest evil, of all.

WE have got to find a way to solve problems through non-violence, because violence begets violence.... and the end of one war holds the seeds for the next war.
Yeah yeah yeah, dancewater. Everybody in Germany had a choice during world war two because nobody was ever drafted.

And I'm the same as a guy about to perforate a woman holding a child at point blank range. Yes. Absolutely valid comparison.

That is, if you're a morally blinkered moron.

We didn't beat the Nazis by sending flowers, you equivocating twit. We sent them a box full of hurt.

Do me a favor: Try a little experiment.

Hold out two hands.

Now wish in one hand, and shit in the other.

See which one fills up first.

Dancewater's comment illustrates the dangers of the liberalized educational system, which downplays evils done against civilization, and portrays minor offenses by civilized people as heinous crimes. Liberalism is Marxism, and the primary goal of Marxism is to destroy Western Civilization. If we can't hang liberals, we should at least brand a large "L" on their foreheads so that sane people will know to avoid them.
I agree that the photograph of the Nazi soldier executing a woman and her child is a particularly disturbing image. I used it in my Holocaust Revisionist series of artwork, in which I show photos of the world as Holocaust revisionists would have us see it -- with the facts of the Holocaust missing. You can see the piece based on the photo in question here: www.revisionistphotos.com.
Genocide's top villian is the United States, not the people, government, or corporations of the United States; but a small number of powerful corporations and individuals who have been able to manipulate the US government into profiteering from genocide for the pass forty years.

The victim is West Papua, the loot is that nation's gold and copper which the Bechtel built Freeport McMoRan mine has been digging up for the pass forty years. Unfortunately Mobil and Chevron owned 60% of the NNGPM company which during 1936 discovered the world's richest gold & copper deposits were in West Papua. The geologist named it "Ertsberg" - Mountain of Ore - and the company unable to get a mine license for the country, kept Ertsberg secret.

Then in March 1959 the New York Times revealed the Dutch had discovered gold was flowing into the Arafura Sea and were searching for the mountain source of this gold.

Soon Rockefeller's Freeport Sulphur was asking a Dutch company for a partnership via which to lodge a claim for the Timika area as a possible copper deposit. After the Indonesian military proved unable to take the territory itself, inside the White House a McGeorge Bundy and Robert Komer began telling Kennedy that he had to force the Netherlands to sell the people and lands of West New Guinea (West Papua) to Indonesian control.

The rest is history. As too was May 2003 when news reports were telling of another ten Papuan towns being decapitated and burnt to the ground by Indonesian military or Laskar Jihad forces.

Instead of the world media responding to this genocide, the media followed George Bush's White House declaration that Darfur was 'genocide' even though no legal expert has given that opinion. What we learnt a year later, was that the Yale Law School was conducting a one year report on the GENOCIDE of West Papua.

No wonder George W Bush wanted to dis-arm the word "genocide" before that report was published.

Source Reference Links for above are at http://wpik.org

- First published as an
USA-Today Opinion piece.
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