Friday, April 07, 2006

Why Johnny Can't Read 
The man who wrote this flier is a schoolteacher:

"We gots 2 stay together and protest against the new law that wants 2 be passed against all immigrants. We gots 2 show the U.S. that they aint (expletive) with out us (sic),"

This man needs to be fired immediately, and so should anyone in the teacher education system who allowed this man to gain a credential.

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Terrible. The irony is that he retained his position teaching ESL, but was stripped instead of his coaching position. It should have been the other way around (or as you suggest, just get rid of him).
The man who double-posted this is a professional blogger! ;)
Yeah, if I were a professional blogger, that would mean I earn money through blogging. I think I earned about 150 dollars last year. That's about 12 bucks a month.

Besides -- I caught it, but when I went to delete one, I saw they both had been commented upon.

Deleting posts with comments always struck me as sort of like book burning. Sure, I'll do it, but not without a really good reason. Like, if it were subversive, for instance.
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