Saturday, April 01, 2006

Time for a Stalinist purge 
If there was ever evidence that it is high time for a massive bloodletting within the educrat ranks nation wide, this is it:

School bans American flag.

Now, if there were incidents of assault or battery surrounding the display of the flag, then there are already laws which enable school administrators to take action where warranted.

This measure is stupid on many levels. First, it is likely to cause a massive round of civil disobedience. And the teachers will be leading the way, if they have any backbone at all.

Second, a blanket ban on the US flag - or any flag, for that matter - strikes me as a clear violation of students' first amendment constitutional rights. If there was any doubt, the Tinker decision ought to lay it to rest.

Third, and perhaps most important, US school administrators have no business being neutral regarding displays of our nation's flag vs. the flag of any other country. If any districts have a problem with that, then all federal funding should be revoked, and rechanneled to school districts who remember where they are, and what Republic it is that preserves and protects the academic freedoms they apparently take for granted, and which they are all too willing to revoke from others.

I call for the Longmont principal's resignation.

Splash, out


The last time I checked one of the purposes of our education is to train citizens. Banning the flag does not support that goal.

Mark Salas
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