Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Pact 
I don't like to cite to rightie mags, normally, but interviews are hard to spin. Here's FrontPageMag's interview with terrorism expert Thomas Jocelyn, with a tantalizing detail:

Just recently, however, al-Massari confirmed that Saddam had joined forces with al Qaeda prior to the war. Al-Massari says that Saddam established contact with the “Arab Afghans” who fled Afghanistan to northern Iraq in 2001 and that he funded their relocation to Iraq under the condition that they would not seek to undermine his regime

If true, it explains why the secular Hussein regime was spared while so many Arab nations were targets for Al Qaeda's attacks prior to the war.

If it pans out, you read it here first.

Keep wishing and maybe reality will change. Yeah, right!
Mike Adams
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