Monday, April 24, 2006

The New York Times drops the ball...again 
Here's the sequence of events:

1.) LA Times official blogger Michael Hiltzik, 53, invents identities and defrauds his readers by using them to comment approvingly on his posts.

2.) Blogger Patrick Frey exposes the scam.

3.) The LA Times suspends Hiltzik.

4.) The New York Times contacts Hiltzik who does not comment.

5.) The New York Times contacts the LA Times, which does not comment, other than stating that Hiltzik violated ethical guidelines.

6.) The New York Times publishes the story, skipping the part about where Hiltzik was actually inventing quotes and arguments and using fake identities as sock puppets to approve his own arguments.

What's missing from this picture?

Why does the Times not contact Patrick Frey? His email address is right there on his blog.

Is this what passes for "reporting" at the Times?

At the very least, they should have checked his employment status with the Los Angeles DA (they blew that, too.)

Splash, out


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