Sunday, April 02, 2006

"More reason why we need to CRUSH the American military." 
Kevin at The Command T.O.C. thinks Greyhawk is "dangerous."

No, Greyhawk's not dangerous. And morale remains high. But Kevin's points are not off base at all.

I'm not familiar with the site - apparently it focuses on Kevin's obsession with getting out of an IRR-recall.

He wouldn't care for me too much, because I believe we should NOT have avoided IRR call-ups in OIF I, but actually called MORE IRR soldiers up in the initial rotation, which would ease the strain on units deploying in subsequent rotations.

I also think it's unseemly for officers to bitch at getting called up.

"If the trumpet is uncertain, then who will answer the call?"

Splash, out


Kevin and his buddy, IRR soldier, are idiots. They have no clue how to run an Army, and they certainly have no sympathy for those who served or continue to serve. All they can do is comment how "dangerous" those who support the war are, and how those who disagree with them are sponsors of the "chickenhawk" view. They have cast aspersions on every career officer and NCO they ever met.

Ignore them. Empty barrels make the most noise.

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