Monday, April 17, 2006

Light blogging... 
I've actually been posting over at the critically-acclaimed PressThink, where some of America's best journalistic minds have just in the last two days argued:

1. Tommy Frank's medals are bogus
2. Senator McCain is a retired Army General
3. Al Qaeda's not a global organization
4. There's no democracy in Iraq
5. General Anthony Zinni commanded CENTCOM "in Iraq!"

Too funny!


I think you blew it with "Frank's medals are bogus" and "Al Qaeda's not a global organization", dude. Lovelady mentioned Franks alongside Bremer and Tenet, i.e., he's just saying the medal he got for OIF was bogus. The other guy was speaking of Al Qaeda's *leadership*, which is indeed concentrated in the Afghan/Pakistan tribal area.

Always fun when you tango with the Pressthink dwellers. Unfortunately, I get the sense that everyone is just talking past each other.

It was funny how no one defended Murray Waas after your link to Seixon. The absence of a defense (so far) is all the answer you need.

Anyway, I have a post on military logistics at my site. Check it out when you have the chance.


Shawn Beilfuss
What the heck happened to PressThink? It used to seem much more thoughtful; now Rosen and Lovelady are using it as a 'get Bush!' forum.

Sad, IMHO.
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