Sunday, April 02, 2006

"I refuse to live in a country that cannot defend its citizens." 
The London Times plumbs the depths of the anarchic suburban Hell that French ennui and indifference has cultivated.

Other examples of savagery in these lawless enclaves were exposed on Friday at the trial of Jamal Derrar. He was accused of burning 17-year-old Sohane Benziane to death in 2002 in Vitry-Sur-Seine, where last year’s orgy of suburban rioting began, after she defied his order to stay away from his “territory”.

“You’re frightened, huh?” he jeered, according to testimony, after pouring petrol over her head and taking out his cigarette lighter. He lit the lighter several times in front of her face to torment her to tears until finally setting her alight.

“It is barbarism,” Kahina, the victim’s sister, said last week. “I want barbarism rejected. It is becoming so banal. We are not in a war. I refuse to live in a country that cannot defend its citizens.”

Another girl, 18-year-old Chahrazad Belayni, was doused with petrol by a suitor and set alight in November last year. She remains in a coma. In Marseilles in 2004, Ghofrane Haddaoui, a 23-year-old woman from the suburbs, was stoned to death by a gang of youths.

Memo to France: You losers. You tolerated this. You looked the other way for years while antisemitism, nihilism, and hatred simmered and slow-cooked in your slums for years. You stuck your heads in the sand while it boiled over. Hell, you people invented nihilism.

Only this time, you cannot solve your problems by surrendering to Germany again. When you found a young Jewish man who was kidnapped by a gang of Arabs and horribly tortured for weeks and finally murdered, you denied an anti-semetic motive even when this gang was known to have rejected non-Jewish victims, when Fofana was "obsessed" with targeting Jews, and when Fofana identified what area stores were Jewish-owned by observing which stores closed on Jewish holidays. Still you denied an anti-semetic motive, even in the face of all these facts.

Are you no longer serious about protecting the innocent people of your country?

When you watched these cockroaches burn your cities by the hundreds, and you did nothing, you once again became a nation of collaborators - a nation of cowards.

You should have shot your arsonists down in the streets. Maybe Yousouf Fofana would have been one of them. That is not fascism. Fascism is Fofana and his ilk terrorizing your good citizens. Arson is a threat to life and limb, and dropping them like mad dogs when caught in the act and not practically arrestable is the minimum standard of care a lawful civilization owes to its law-abiding citizens.

You now have 3,500 Jews fleeing your country every year to Israel alone. Hundreds, if not thousands more, are fleeing to Canada - because they cannot rely on the French government to enforce the rule of law.

This is not the legacy of Lafayette. This is not elan.

Why a French woman would want to make love to a French man, when this is the way French men cower in the face of thuggery is beyond me.

Meanwhile, in a hundred thousand stories yet unwritten, these same men are preying on young French Muslim girls like a pack of wolves.

Take your country back, and have some respect for yourselves.

Splash, out


Don't get too cocky, we're going to have an intifada here too, except with hispanics instead of Arabs. Then all the same things you say about the French (cowardice, lack of self-respect, unwillingness to defend your own country and culture) will apply to us.
I am somewhat of a "French Lover" in that I enjoy travelling in France and they have always treated me well. My wife speaks French so that has made things relatively easy. Unfortunately, I would have to agree with you on this one.

Ref. your previous poster - get a clue buddy. The problems in France arise from the fact that they don't make an attempt to assimilate Arabs. Hispanics assimilate very well and blend in with the locals within one generation. We need to get control of the system and then enforce it but the notion that we are going to have a Hispanic "Intafada" is base rabble rousing.

Mark Salas
The Hispanics are assimilating? Huh? I was just at Dulles airport this weekend, and every other announcement was in Espanol. If anything, we're the ones being assimilated, not them. Here's your "assimilation" right here:


And here:



Meanwhile, Americans are banning displays of the US flag because it might "antagonize" the Hispanics.


Who's assimilating, again?
Well, for what it's worth (not much), I'm with commenter number 2.

Hispanic Americans are not stoning young girls to death in the barrios for being seen with a male nonrelative in public, and they aren't setting "honey traps" and conspiring to murder Jews. They also don't torch entire neighborhoods - a distinction that white Americans cannot claim, historically.

I'm sure there are a few fringe elements who would like to see Texas and California returned to Mexico, but these are just that - fringe elements. I have long had close friends and calabash relatives in the Mexican and other latin communities, and I have never heard of these radical elements until this week.

Right now, most of the publicity is driven by a bunch of high school kids. Well, I'm glad they feel passionate about something - but they're still high school kids, and I'm not going to dignify their argument by pretending it comes from educated adults.

Some kids are damn smart, and damned well educated - even some 13 year-olds I've known. But I take them one at a time.

Everyone needs to take a chill pill, and keep the issue in perspective. A bunch of screaming high school kids in Los Angeles do not create a credible movement worth the dignity of an argument.

There is no comparison between the French banouilles and our latin American communities. None whatsoever.

The vast majority of the hispanic Americans I know (and that is, quite literally, hundreds of them) are very happy to live in America, have served and bled in our nation's wars, many have lived under Castro, and many are working hard to get citizenship for themselves.

To me, even drawing the comparison between France's Arab problems smacks of racism.

These are great Americans, and I use that term unhyphenated.

You've been reading too much Michelle Malkin.
There is no comparison between the French banouilles and our latin American communities. None whatsoever.

So, you've been to France? You know it well?

Not well enough to know that it's "banlieue" not "banouilles", heh heh.

To me, even drawing the comparison between France's Arab problems smacks of racism.

To me, playing the "racism" card almost always smacks of intellectual bankruptcy. The reason we cannot even have an honest debate about immigration is that one side or the other will take refuge in lame ad hominem arguments like calling the other side "racist".

If it is racist to observe that we cannot possibly absorb the entire population of Latin America... if it is racist to observe that a fundamental right and duty of a nation-state is to control its own borders... if it is racist to show you pictures of Hispanic "activists" who obviously haven't assimilated as well as you think they have... if it is racist to observe that hundreds of thousands marching to support the "right" to illegal immigration indicates that we have a problem... then so be it.
This sums it up rather well, and accords with my view:


But the millions of Hispanics who have come to our country in the last several decades – and it’s the Hispanics we’re talking about in this debate, not those from other cultures—are, in fact, two distinct groups. The first group is comprised of “immigrants” just like all the others, who have put the old country behind them and want only to be Americans. They aren’t the problem. Indeed, most Americans welcome them among us, as we have welcomed so many other cultures.

The problem is the second group of Hispanics. They aren’t immigrants – which is what neither the Democratic or Republican leadership seems to understand, or wants to acknowledge. They have come here solely for jobs, which isn’t the same thing at all. (And many of them have come here illegally.) Whether they remain in the U.S. for one year, or ten years – or for the rest of their lives – they don’t conduct themselves like immigrants. Yes, they work hard to put roofs above their heads and food on their tables – and for this we respect them. But they have little interest in learning English themselves, and instead demand that we make it possible for them to function here in Spanish. They put their children in our schools, but don’t always demand as much from them as previous groups demanded of their kids. They don’t always pay their taxes – or insure their cars.

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