Saturday, April 15, 2006

Batiste perpetuates a myth 
Here's General Batiste on Shinsekigate:

I suspect, going way back five years to the beginning of this whole war, there were ample times when people said to him, as General Shinseki did, "We need more." In the case of General Shinseki, he was retired early. And as I recall, the secretary didn't even go to his retirement ceremony; I have never forgotten that.

Right. I'm sure it's seared -- seared into Batiste's memory.

The problem is, it didn't happen.

Shinseki was not retired early. That's an old-wives tale right out of the John Kerry playbook. Shinseki's term as Chief of Staff ended on schedule and not a day early. His term was not extended. But Rumsfeld is under no obligation whatsoever to extend Shinseki's tour of duty, in any case.

Secondly, Shinseki's term as Chief of Staff ended in June 2003, right on schedule. But Rumsfeld announced that his term would not be extended in March 2002. It was not until February 2003, almost a year later, that Shinseki advised Congress that the occupation of Iraq would require hundreds of thousands of [imaginary] troops.

Third, it cannot even be said that extentions of the Chief of Staff's term are routine. The usual term is four years. Shinseki served out his full four years. No Chief of Staff since World War Two has served any longer than four years.

So it cannot really be said that Rumsfeld made Shinseki into a lame duck, since no one could reasonably have expected Shinseki's term to last longer than four years.

The more you shovel this crap, the smellier it gets.

Splash, out


In fact, in the 1940s through the 1970s, a four-year term was the exception. Mostly it was roughly 2 years (13 CSAs in 32 years).

Gen. Omar N. Bradley (7 Feb 1948-15 Aug 1949)

Gen. J. Lawton Collins (16 Aug 1949-14 Aug 1953)

Gen. Matthew B. Ridgway (15 Aug 1953-29 Jun 1955)

Gen. Maxwell D. Taylor (30 Jun 1955-30 Jun 1959)

Gen. Lyman L. Lemnitzer (1 Jul 1959-30 Sep 1960)

Gen. George H. Decker (1 Oct 1960-30 Sep 1962)

Gen. Earle G. Wheeler (1 Oct 1962-2 Jul 1964)

Gen. Harold K. Johnson (3 Jul 1964-2 Jul 1968)

Gen. William C. Westmoreland (3 Jul 1968-30 Jun 1972)

Gen. Bruce Palmer, Jr. (Acting) (1 Jul 1972-11 Oct 1972)

Gen. Creighton W. Abrams (12 Oct 1972-4 September 1974)

Gen. Frederick C. Weyand (3 October 1974-31 September 1976)

Gen. Bernard W. Rogers (1 October 1976-21 June 1979)
What do you mean imaginary troops? This is a country of 300 million people. And a majority of them, Republicans, gave Bush his mandate to start this war and finish it. But enlistments are lagging. Where are all the little Republicans now?
Karen--your argument would be almost worth listening to if it dealt with, like, facts. Bet you've never watched the numbers, or know how to get them independently...

If you consider the CNO, a service chief, a "chief of staff" (similar job, different name), then ADM Vern Clark's six years is the exception.

I am a Major in the U.S. Army, currently assigned to the Second Infantry Division in Korea. Over 50% of my peers believe Mr. Rumsfeld should resign. So, for what’s worth- there you have it.

A Soldier
Ok. But 100% of the currently sitting presidents want Rumsfeld to stay.
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