Thursday, March 30, 2006

A word from the NY Times Public Editor 
"Some readers may have already discovered the system launched last month that channels e-mails to Times reporters through the bylines on their articles online. Except for a mid-February post on the Public Editor's Web Journal, there has been little public promotion of the new system or guidance for its use.

So here's a tech moment.

To send an e-mail to a reporter, click on the highlighted byline on an online article. That will lead to a page that offers the option of sending that reporter an e-mail. Reporters can opt out of the system, but I'm told almost none have. Freelance reporters are not part of the system, so their bylines are never highlighted.

What happens to your e-mail? A reporter gets a once-a-day notification if any e-mail has arrived and can review the list anytime to decide what response is warranted for each message."

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