Saturday, March 25, 2006

US Fatalities in Iraq Down Every Month since Novemember 05 
Powerline points out the numbers, and asks why the media isn't reporting that.

They should be.

But it would be an easier argument to make if current US fatalities were not higher than their baseline through most of 2003.

But a technical analysis indicates that the trend seems to have fallen below most useable moving averages.


The strategic and tactical offensive pays off. Coalition forces have staged a number of offensives during that period of time, and gone after the enemy aggressively.

Moreover, the number of Iraqi troops involved in joint offensives is increasing exponentially. I've written a number of times before that the US will not be able to withdraw significantly until Iraqi units are functioning independently up to the brigade level.

We're getting much closer to that point.

But withdrawing prematurely is no less dangerous an option than it ever was.

Splash, out


On current pace, March 06 will have the second lowest casualty count of any month since March 03.
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