Friday, March 03, 2006

Successes in Iraq 
Via Bill Roggio's eagle eye comes this series of successes by the Iraqi Army in Al Anbar province:

on Feb. 27, Coalition Forces raided an Al Qaeda-in-Iraq training and bomb-making facility. CF captured 61 suspected AQIZ facilitators in multiple raids 30 miles northeast of Fallujah. The suspects are believed to be members of the Zarqawi network, and to have personally facilitated suicide bombers, foreign fighters and the funding of terrorist activities.

Five AQIZ safe houses were destroyed during the operation. Coalition Forces also uncovered a large number of weapons and ammunition caches which they destroyed in place.

Of the 61 suspects, four are considered key AQIZ facilitators. The detainees will be questioned regarding their knowledge of or involvement in terrorist activities. Lynch called Operation Said “a highly-successful operation that continues to degrade AQIZ's network.”

Coalition Forces conducted raids in the Hayy al Madani District of Hubbaniya March 2 to flush out al Qaeda in Iraq terrorists seeking refuge there. Ten men were detained in raids on 15 buildings.

The men will be questioned on their knowledge of and involvement in terrorist activities against Coalition and Iraqi Forces.

During the raids, troops discovered a safe house with multiple weapons hidden throughout the building. The house and all weapons were destroyed without harming nearby buildings.

Responding to a tip, Soldiers from 9th Iraqi Army Division and coalition forces pulled off another cooperative success Feb. 19. Iraqi 6th Division and U.S. 10th Mountain the 4th U.S. Infantry Division Soldiers captured five high-value terrorists after disrupting what is believed to be a detained a suspected terrorist staging area at approximately 9 p.m. Mar. 1 northwest of Baghdad .

The detainee is a suspected member of a bomb-making cell responsible for a roadside bomb attack that killed a U.S. Soldier in February.

If all those guys really are Al Qaeda, the Iraqi Army has essentially rendered an entire company combat ineffective, or annihilated two platoons. Al Qaeda does not have an unlimited number of fighters at its disposal - losing 60 fighters is a lot more damaging to their combat capability, as a percentage of total capacity, than it would be to the Iraqi Army, which has a large numerical advantage and grows stronger every day.

Apparently, coalition forces took down some Al Qaeda middle management with the raid, too, which could well have ripple effects well beyond the immediate vicinity of those raids.

You can bet if two platoons worth of Iraqi Army soldiers were annihilated, the editors of the New York Times would be singing the news from the mountain tops as evidence that Iraq is in ruins.

But when the breaks fall the other way, the silence overwhelms the senses.

Splash, out


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