Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A significant development in Ubaydi 
Don't miss this significant but unheralded development in Ubaydi, courtesy of Bill Roggio:

The 2nd Battalion, 3rd Brigade, 7th Division of the Iraqi Army has conducted another independent counterinsurgency operation in the town of Ubaydi in the Qaim region. Ubaydi was the scene of violent fighting during Operation Steel Curtain. Over seventy al-Qaeda were killed in a fierce battle in the New Ubaydi district. Iraqi troops also conducted their first logistical resupply mission in the Qaim region. While I was in the Qaim region, the Iraqi Army units were solely reliant on U.S. Marines for logistical resupply. (Emphasis added).

This development cannot be emphasized enough. There are no significant CSS assets organic below brigade level. If the Iraqis are conducting resupply themselves, in combat, it means that the Iraqi battle staff is synchronizing their combat, combat support, and combat service support assets in real time at the officer level, and have developed a functioning corps of NCOs who are capable of executing that plan - lining up and loading the trucks, and (hopefully) tracking and accounting the supplies.

It means that underlying the Iraqi infantry battalions involved in the raid is a functioning support battalion with a commander and staff gaining valuable logistical experience.

This is a key development in the evolution of the Iraqi army. If it is true, then this unit is truely functioning at brigade level, rather than committing separate and uncoordinated Iraqi battalions. No significant US troop withdrawal is possible until the Iraqis can self support at the brigade level.

I'm sure the traditional media is all over this (NOT!)

Splash, out


Direct quote from a Transition Team member regarding Iraqi logistics: "If we left tomorrow, they would operate superbly for 48 hours, then they'd collapse."

Glad to hear things are changing, even if slowly.
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