Friday, March 24, 2006

Plagiarism flashback 
"Molly Ivins, plagiarist."

New York Times Hollywood correspondent Bernard Weinraub, plagiarist.

New York Times ace reporter Steven Erlanger, plagiarist (and still working for the Times)

Anne Applebaum, plagiarist.

Ward Churchill, plagiarist.

Martin Luther King, plagiarist.


Joe Biden, not plagiarist.

Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. (D-Del.) has been cleared of the college plagiarism charge that helped to lead to his departure from the 1988 presidential race, the Wilmington News Journal reported Sunday.

At Biden's request, the Delaware Supreme Court reviewed the allegation in 1987. The court's Board of Professional Responsibility exonerated the senator Dec. 21, 1987, said L. Susan Faw, independent disciplinary counsel for the panel, which prosecutes allegations of unethical behavior against attorneys.

Faw said she had recommended to the court's Preliminary Review Committee, a panel of lawyers and non-lawyers with authority to recommend prosecution, that the matter be dismissed. The charge was later dismissed.

Splash, out


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