Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Intellectual Bankruptcy of the American Left 
Exhibit #7897326:

Isn't cutting the amount of troops in Iraq giving the Saddam loyalists/rebels/insurgents exactly what they want? It's sort of like how we plan to move soldiers out of Saudi Arabia, which was one of Bin Laden's demands of us.

There is no choice in Iraq. We are past the invasion yes or no stage. Abandoning Iraq will fulfill Bush's proclamations that it is a haven for terrorists. It will give Al Qaeda another place to hide. Bush calls Iraq the so-called "front" in the war on terror. Abandoning Iraq will make us deserters of the worst sort.

--Leftie blogger Oliver Willis, November 13th, 2003.

So the most realistic answer - leaving Iraq to the Iraqis while we redeploy to fight the larger war on terror (aka Al Qaeda) is simply off the table for Jeff & Co. Well the only other choice is to stay in Iraq and keep getting killed while Al Qaeda grows and we lose the “big stick” backing up any and all future efforts at diplomacy.

--Leftie blogger Oliver Willis, riding the intellectual weathervane on March 17th, 2006.

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Because nothing has changed in 3 years, right? - Oliver
Yes, Oliver, quite a bit changed, in the last three years.

Specifically, you became "a deserter of the worst sort."
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