Thursday, March 16, 2006

Some Dutch promoter has organized a soccer game between gays and Muslims.

Man, heads are gonna roll.

Isn't it sort of redundant to talk about a "gay soccer team"?

Suzanne Ijsselmuiden, said she hoped the competition will "help ease these tensions so that people can openly talk about homosexuality."

Muslims don't want to TALK to the gays, they want to behead them in public. That eases Muslim tensions just fine...
I find this to be yet another truly weird hypocrisy in muslim culture. i was reading the other day about the strange perversion of sexual practice in muslim marriages, to wit, that muslim men are inculcated to regard women as personifications of Satan to tempt them into impurity, and they are so hammered with this antipathy against letting the female gain any kind of 'control' over them that vaginal acknowledgement is actively denied. husbands go to the extreme of humiliating and negating their wives' "power" [?] over them by refusing to have normal sex and instead subject them to anal penetration, and this is the rule, rather than the exception!
i was reading this in a roundtable discussion about the growing prevalence of gang rape by muslim youths on unveiled women in europe. Muslim men are taught that they are Allah's representatives on earth, and as such, must repudiate Satan wherever he tempts them, and that they must be strong and refuse his calls in all their forms, and that the 'weakening and vulnerability' they feel in the seductiveness of female attraction is a foremost manifestation of Satan's tricks. Hence, they must not let any female sap away their all- important strength, ever. They must be on guard at all times. Even in their marriage beds.
So to deny the seductions of 'Satan', they train themselves not to see their wives' feminine organs, and focus all their force on anal concentration and release instead.
Of course, their culture would NEVER allow revealing this in common conversation to the Infidel, so i guess we of the Freedom of Speech and No Sacred Cows tradition will have to be the ones to blithely pop the lid off the subject and make it common coin in world discussion, since they can't do it themselves. The only cure for things that fester in the dark is to tear the roof off the sucker, and blast in the cleansing light of day, so it dries up and gets healthy in the sunshine again.
The hypocrisy is in the sheer fact of numbers:
women are so unavailable in muslim culture, either veiled, or housebound, or guarded by their m ale relatives in public, or traded off in arranged marriages, or killed to preserve the family honor for imagined stains, that the male's normally pervasive sexual propensity to fertilize as many fields as he can sow his seed upon, has to be channeled into whatever is possible.
Isaac Schroedinger tells in his blog of how saudi arabia blocked all western satellite tv channels for decades, but when they finally opened them up, everyone's number one favorite show was Baywatch. Isaac brought a floppie disc home from his canadian college thru the saudi airport , with his term paper research on it to work on over the summer, and the customs agent seized it and waved it in his face, having no computer around to read it on, and crowed triumphantly "naked women? naked women?"...
with all the frustrated sexuality and scarcity of female access, and this pervasive domination of resorting to anal sex, it doesn't take a genius to deduce that men must be using each other to vent their sexual needs, same as happens in prison--and of course, denying it and deeply hiding it, from both themselves and any inquiring minds who want to know.
They sure as hell aren't gonna start the discussion, so apparently, we're going to have to. It's the only way to break down the taboos, bring down the curtain of silence, break up the shame and secrecy, and unmask the hypocrisy.
there's nothing odder than watching humans fighting against their innate natural drives. More so when they're told that's what their Creator wants them to do!!!!-------------------Janet in Venice
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