Saturday, March 25, 2006

Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel lies with a headline: 
Here's a hysterical headline from the Sun Sentinel:

Religious leaders outraged by plan to punish those who help immigrants

The problem? The plan doesn't make it a crime to help immigrants at all. It DOES make it a crime to help illegal immigrants - a population of criminals by definition which the Sun-Sentinel, in a shameful yet transparent bit of sleight-of-hand refers to as "undocumented" immigrants.

The article begins with some syrupy-sweet depictions of selfless aid workers, denouncing the plan one after the other. The reporter apparently conducted several interviews with charity organizations opposing the measure. There's only one quote from a pro-law advocate, and that one is buried deep, deep in the article, well below the jump.

There is no quantification of the problem whatsoever. No analysis of what illegal aliens cost the country each year in social services.

It's a textbook example of how the news media slants and loads a story.

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