Sunday, March 26, 2006

Chabad to the Bone 
Elevated from the comments section, and dedicated to Slate's Jacob Weisberg:

I am an Air Force Rescue Helicopter Pilot with a combat tour in Afghanistan and two in Iraq. I head out to Iraq again in a few months. I am a former Marine and Naval Aviator. I also am a typical liberal jewish guy from Manhatten's upper east side, although my single mom worked two jobs to keep us there. Guess what? all manhattenites do not think like Mr. Weisberg. I joined the military because of the challenge and the desire, since as far back as I can remember, to fly. I have loved serving in the military since day one. I got out and was out for seven years, I had a great job in the theater business that most people would kill for. I was bored to death and thankfully, I was able to get back in the military. I am confident saying that I could have done whatever I wanted to career wise, but I chose the military because (shock of shocks) I like it and I like the idea of serving a nation that gave the son of an immigrant, who sadly died when I was very young and a single mom, a chance to do whatever he dreamed of doing. There are real people east of the Hudson, a lot of them. Even in New York City. By the way, I never met anyone in three branches of the military and 23 years, who came in because they could not get a job. To Mr Belzer, I say...You are a Putz! Educate yourself on a subject before you pontificate on it.

Yeah, don't be such a schlemiel!

Splash, out


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