Friday, March 17, 2006

Another media lie 
As a postscript to the below story, CBS's Jim Axelrod is propogating another lie: The notion that "no weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq."

US Forces have happened upon at least two chemical IEDs in the spring and summer of 2004.

World Net Daily reports that former UN Weapons inspector Charles Duelfer says we've found "dozens."

Polish forces in Iraq found about 17 chemical shells in 2004.

An additional dozen or so chemical 122mm rockets were uncovered in Baghdad immediately before the war. Saddam Hussein was supposed to have destroyed them years before.

And thanks to Newsbusters.org, we see that Axelrod has a long and sordid past.

don't forget to mention that saddam sent convoys of his remaining forbidden weapons to syria in the days just before the US tanks rolled, and those weapons are stashed at three known locations in syria to this day. I don't know why this rejoinder isn't becoming a regular meme to refute that tired old refrain that 'there were no WMD's found". it should be the chorus to every such iteration.

-------janet in venice
Googling on all these WMD reports shows that these allegations are all tired old lies and distortions. For example polish troops find chemical shells is followed a week later by a coalition news release that in fact testing found no chemical residues. Too boring to repeat tho....."chemical weapons found, Democrats lie!" is just so much more interesting to read. And as for weapons convoys sneaking off to Syria...puuulleeezs....another ancient Cheney wetdream.
Cowichan, just where in the UN Security Council resolutions does it say that Saddam was allowed to keep chemical shells as long as he stored the chemicals separately?

And just how is it that two US soldiers were hospitalized for nerve gas poisoning upon encountering a chemical IED?

Was that a placebo? I'm not getting your logic.

As for Duelfer's "dozens" comment, is he now saying he has been misquoted by World Net Daily and the Washington Post?

As for chemical weapons being trucked or flown into Syria, I don't know who you're arguing with, but it isn't me. I'm an agnostic on that one. I'd say the odds are probably slightly better than 50/50 that there was a movement of chemical material into Syria, but nothing you can prove at this point.

Saddam did keep a Uranium enriching centrifuge buried in a garden, though. You can bet your bottom dollar it wasn't going to be used for making ice cream.

At any rate, recently uncovered tapes put paid to the delusion that Saddam ever had any intention of permanently disarming. Indeed, the best argument the Iranians could have ever had for developing a nuclear weapon themselves was Saddam Hussein, incarnate.
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