Friday, February 03, 2006

This is interesting ... 
Last year, the Army National Guard was awarding a full 11B MOS qualification to any soldier who had come over from the USMC and had completed the Marine Combat Training Course. 11B is the standard, garden-variety infantry soldier military occupational specialty in the Army.

Today, I got a memo saying that policy is rescinded. From now on, all prior service Marines coming to join the Guard will have to go to Fort Benning for infantry MOS Qualification.

Some have read it to indicate that USMC training is slipping, but I doubt it. I just think that a Marine who goes through boot camp, etc., and then becomes a clerk or a commo soldier for six or eight years gets rusty with his infantry skills, and needs a refresher.

There have also been some doctrinal advances and weaponry advances recently.

The Marines I've had join up have always been good troops. Wound a bit tight once in a while, but solid and energetic and technically and tactically proficient.

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I found an Album with pictures I had taken while in VietNam in 1968. I started putting a blog together and went to different sites for ideas, thus the reason for being at yours. Nice job and thanks for some good ideas. ---Jack--- vietnam war stories
I was out blogging and ran across your blog. From what little time I got to spend on your blog, everything looks good. I will return for future visits.

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