Friday, February 10, 2006

Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated 
Hey, still here. Sorry for the light blogging. Been busy between army stuff and studying.

I've been around, though. All the action has been in the comments section to this post.

More to come.


I cut my teeth on USENET. One thing I learned was about trolls and flaming. You've got yerself a troll infestation there, and "plonking" (killfiling, in USENET speak, means ignoring every following post from that person) is what I was up to.

Which one of these critters do you think you have? I'm guessing an Artful Dodger or Issues using a Grenade...
What a severe tool that Pale Rider troll has grown herself into. I read through that entire comment thread and the shear arrogance she evidences is stunning.

As a recently-retired MI NCO, I'm deeply embarrassed by this self-identified former (?) MI soldier. We're really not all like that.
I suspect she got one of those "thanks for your service, but don't bother reenlisting" discharges. :-)
The toxic brew of arrogance, ignorance and vulgarity that Pale Rider displayed in that thread was mind-boggling. Nearly every assertion s/he made there was wrong. It's a fascinating display of dis-/mis-information.

Her 'jihad' had to be intentional, since nearly every subject is easily fact-checked, either via the Internet or via the millions of persons who have actually served.

I'd say that you've survived repeated drive-by Orwellings, Jason.
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