Wednesday, February 22, 2006

An outrage to all Islam 
And no, it's not over a couple of cartoons.

Real Muslims everywhere can rise up and put an end to these cockroaches. The sooner the better.

Splash, out


Is it crazy to think that perhaps splitting up Iraq into three separate nations is the only way to bring any semblance of peace? Even then, there would be border wars as we see between Israel and Palestine, but even that is better than what is essentially a civil war with a third party (the Kurds) waiting to make their break-away.
As a side note to my previous comment, I realize that there would never be a consensus on which sect received which land, since Shiite holy sites are dispersed throughout the country just as Sunni sites are. My original question obviously was not meant to be taken seriously.

I see no end to this situation. You cannot force two sects with such hatred between one another to co-exist peacefully. Our only goal should be to ensure that Iraq does not become (or continue to be) a haven for Al Qaeda. Forcing democracy on a nation that simply isn't bred for it will get us and them nowhere.
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